House rules

Fredericia Sports Centre house rules.

It is the responsibility of tenants to familiarise themselves with Fredericia Leisure Centre’s house rules and to use the facilities in compliance with them.

  1. Training is only permitted on and in the allocated tracks/pitches and premises. Ball games are only permitted inside the halls.
  2. Halls, changing rooms, premises etc. must always be returned in the same condition as you received them.
  3. After use, club rooms must be clean, tidy and presentable.
  4. Users and tenants are liable for compensation as provided for in standard legislation pertaining to compensation.
  5. Clean footwear for indoor use must be worn when training on the floors of the indoor halls. It is not permitted to wear shoes with shedding soles on the hall floors.
  6. Fredericia Leisure Centre is a no-smoking centre, so smoking is strictly prohibited.
  7. Bottles, glasses and other service that can shatter may not be taken into halls or changing rooms.
  8. Food and drinks must be purchased from the café in FIC. Any exceptions to this rule require specific permission from the café in FIC.
  9. Photography/filming is not permitted in the changing rooms.
  10. All users/tenants and their audience must comply with instructions from Fredericia Leisure Centre staff at any and all times. If instructions are not followed, staff may ban individuals and societies from entering Fredericia Leisure Centre, without prior notice.
  11. Paper and waste must be disposed of in the waste bins for this purpose. If waste bins are full, please contact the hall assistant who is on duty.
  12. Valuables, clothing, club gear, etc. must be stored in premises or lockers at your own risk.
  13. Cars, mopeds, bicycles, etc. must be parked in the spaces allocated for this purpose. Illegal parking can result in being reported.